About Doug

Doug Roberts lives in southwest Oklahoma, where he was born in 1954. He is married to Rita and has two children and four grandchildren that he spoils without apology.  He farmed and ranched for 25 years before retiring, but he also has experience in the restaurant business, oil business, and home construction. He now enjoys traveling the world with Rita, speaking at conferences and local fellowships, teaching spiritual foundations in the lives of the family of God. Doug also gives spiritual oversight to several fellowships and ministries both in the states and abroad. If you were to find him around Frederick when he is not traveling, you might catch him playing golf or quail hunting.

Doug has been in the ministry since 1974. He loves to see people walk in the full grace of their calling and move as sons in the Kingdom of God. He has a simply way of imparting truth and bringing people into an understanding of who Christ is in them. The Father uses Doug to speak prophetically into people’s lives and he moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders.

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